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Adrian's Lost Chapter (Bloodlines, #0.5) - Richelle Mead Originally published at

I'm really fond of the new trend where authors write and release short stories to their readers that fall in between other books in their series. I think it helps keep momentum and interest in the series while waiting for new books in the series to be published. It also helps flesh out some character development as well as some of the story that might have been rushed through, or skipped all together in a previous book.

With this specific short story offering, the author is giving us an inside look at how she attempted to start her new novel before scrapping it for a different approach. Richelle Mead originally planned to write Bloodlines with characters alternating between who was actively telling the story. The first chapter was initially meant to be told by Adrian, and this is that chapter.

This short piece (a much too short 8 pages) is incredibly true to Adrian's character that was developed during the Vampire Academy series. The drinking, the smoking, the flirting, all ways to help him deal with the bad things that happen to him. I always felt a little bad about how things ended with him, and this chapter doesn't make me feel any better. Experiencing his reactions and feelings from his true inside self is even more heartbreaking than reading them as they were described in the last book of the Vampire Academy series, shadowed by a third-party perspective. It literally tore my heart to pieces to see just how much he is still suffering from the whole Rose conflict. The "Rose" colored glasses are gone now, and the truth is too painful to bare. It's so real...I know because I have been there...I am sure we all have been...

Let's hope things get much better for poor Adrian in Bloodlines. I'll let you know's next up in my TBR pile.

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