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Winter's Passage - Julie Kagawa I had read The Iron King, book one in the Iron Fey series, back in April of this year. I remember ranking it 3 out of 5, meaning it was OK, but nothing really special. As such, I actually didn't remember all that much about it. This short eBook occurs between book one and book two (The Iron Daughter) and was a perfect re-introduction to the series.

I was immediately re-submerged into the world of faery (which is a beautiful, yet dangerous place to be) and was reintroduced to all the characters I actually enjoyed meeting in the first instalment. Ash, Grimalkin, and even Puck brought wide smiles to my face.

There was so much in this short story I really enjoyed. It was really great to get inside Ash's head a bit and see the increasing inner conflict develop over his feelings for Meghan. The character of The Hunter as the wolf of all stories, kind of like a Wolf God was another favourite development of mine. Luckily the story wasn't long enough for Meghan to whine me into irritation.

Overall it was a nice and short entertaining story to tide the readers over between books. Now if only the longer length novels were this good.

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