Gwenyth Love spent her early years in the libraries of Hamilton, Ontario. She currently lives in Toronto with her son, boyfriend, too many animals and enough books to start a library of her own.

Mockingbird - Kathryn Erskine Most "normal" people have issues when it comes to finding closure.

Now imagine you are a young girl with Asperger's who is trying to find some closure when it comes to the senseless shooting of her older brother. Imagine how hard "closure" must be to find for her.

Mockingbird is a short but informative and enlightening story about Caitlin's search for closure after her older brother is killed in a school shooting. Most people treat her like she is a freak, and most assume she has no idea what has actually happened. But she does. She just doesn't know how to show it well to others. She knows her brother is never coming home again. And it's slowly breaking her apart inside. Then one night on the news she hears the word "closure", and just knows she has to find some...but not just for her...for her father as well.

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