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The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter Overall it was pretty good, just not as exciting as I was hoping I guess. Full review to follow.
Emblaze - Jessica Shirvington Loving this series...but the romance aspect is getting tiresome...
Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Better than the first one. Full review to come.
How Beauty Saved the Beast (Tales of the Underlight, #2) - Jax Garren Review to come.
Asunder - Jodi Meadows Yet another amazing instalment in the New Soul series. I cannot wait for the final book! Full review to come closer to release date.
How to Lie with Statistics - Darrell Huff, Irving Geis A very interesting (yet aged) look at how statistics are often used to deceive people into believing whatever people want you to believe. Very eye opening.
How Beauty Met the Beast - Jax Garren Before stating anything further I have to make this one thing very clear. THIS IS NOT A YA NOVEL!

OK. Now that I have that out of the way, let's continue!

This is one quick and steamy novel of awesomeness! I have always been a huge fan of the whole Beauty and the Beast theme, and Jax Garren doesn't destroy my faith in the story type at all. in fact, I have the urge to rush out and re-read all BatB novels right this minute!


There is so much to love in this novel, and not a lot to not like. I think one of my favorite things is the main character Jolie (don't get me wrong, I love Haul too). But Jolie is special for many reasons, one of which is that she has Celiac Disease. As someone who has a serious gluten sensitivity herself I just felt an instant connection with her. Add this to the fact that she is a dancer/aerial an amazing and well rounded character. I absolutely adore her. You will understand when, not if, you read this book.

The Pros:

Steamy scenes where you hold your breath in anticipation of the excitement to come
A firm grasp in weaving in tension without killing the reader with it
Absolutely wonderfully stable characters you cannot help to love...every single one of them
A main character who has celiac the added depth of this
A fabulous and realistic underground steampunky community
Piercings, tattoos, steampunk, burlesque, magic and mystery...oh my!

The Cons:

The fight scenes, especially at the end, move very quickly and don't flow well.

This is a really well written steamy book that mixes action, romance, great characters, and so much more into a VERY enjoyable product. I suggest you read this now if you don't mind a little blushing as you read...
First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones Highly enjoyable! Now to download book 2!
Deviants - Maureen McGowan Next book please!
Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter Love it!!! Next book please! Don't leave me hanging like this!
Untouched - Jus Accardo A great short story, but maybe a little too short...
Enticed - Jessica Shirvington Even better than the first! A little predictable, but not in a bad way.
Eighth Grade Bites - Heather Brewer Just because the sister really wants me to read it...
Connecting with Computer Science (Introduction to CS) - Greg  Anderson, David Ferro, Robert Hilton Another course bites the dust!
Brightest Kind of Darkness (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #1) - P.T. Michelle,  Patrice Michelle I was impressed by the professional quality of this self-published title. I tend to get a little nervous and second guess myself when I accept to read and review a self-published e-book, but this one was a pleasant surprise.

Brightest Kind of Darkness kind of reminds me a little of a toned down Final Destination with better characters and a much better romance building sub-plot. It also has a wonderful mixture of story-telling, character building, and humor.

"He didn't seem to want to interact with the people around him, yet he'd taken the time to talk to me, not just at school, but here too. The realization made me feel both sad and a bit special. Well, so long as he didn't think of me like a pet."

The pacing in the story was perfect. I enjoyed moving from the dream world to the real world and back and forth through the visions, and the author never made me feel lost during these transitions. I was also happy that the author didn't use the same cop-out a lot of writers use when a misunderstanding occurs and one of the main characters immediately does a complete 360 and no longer believes in the characteristics of the second character that made them fall for them in the first place. In the passage below, even though Nara is hurt and upset by something that has happened, she can immediately tell that Ethan didn't do anything on purpose to hurt her. she still feels the pain, but she is smart enough to realize it wasn't intentional and doesn't immediately flip-flop on her position regarding Ethan and now think he is a bad guy.

"Ethan's face didn't reflect triumph. It held intrigued interest; a desire for my understanding. My initial anger settled, even though I still felt a part of me was missing."

I was very intrigued by a lot of topics introduced in the story, the crows/ravens, the feathers, Nara's father, the radio, Nara's grandmother, Ethan's nightmares and connection with Nara... unfortunately, I felt like not enough of these things were explained enough to my satisfaction by the end of the book. I realize that as it is the first book in the series, some mystery has to remain, but I was left feeling like way too much was left open and I honestly felt a little lost.

My exact reaction upon finishing reading Brightest Kind of Darkness was this:

"Really? That's where you are going to go ahead and end it? /grumble grumble"

But overall Brightest Kind of Darkness was a very enjoyable read, and I definitely will be reading book 2, Lucid, as soon as I can get my hands on it. I really hope more is explained soon...
Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake The ending wasn't quite what I expected, but that's why I liked it.

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