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Until Next Time - Amy  Lignor Until Next Time is a beautifully written book that deals with the idea that even angels sometimes question their faith. Emily and Matt, and angel and warrior team specifically paired to journey to earth over several "lives" to learn why the population has lost their faith. By living and experience life on earth as humans do, the higher-ups hope to be able to understand where they went wrong and how they can fix things to bring faith in God back to the people.

This book focused very highly on bases in religion to tell its story. At first I felt this would be a hindrance to my enjoyment of the story, but as the author was also smart enough to mix in just the right amount of humor, I wasn't as overwhelmed by the religious aspects as I first thought I might be. The comedy breaks with Gabriel and Michael playing poker for candy bars just about did me in as I laughed hilariously, trying to catch my breath. What a sight! Amy Lignor has a knack for writing that many should be envious of. She has the wonderful flowing poetry style that makes descriptions of places and time play on the page like mini movies. I can envision the sun rising as it bleeds beautiful oranges and reds across the lightening sky. It's stunning.

One of my two main issues with the book were the confusion I felt while reading along the timeline. The constant flipping back and forth from Present to Past and then between Heaven and Earth was often jarring. I kind of felt disillusioned as I thought the story would be about one thing (from the prologue) and then it really didn't go that way. To be honest, I kind of felt like the book ended where it began and I ran around in an endless circle not really discovering what I wanted to know. Now I will have to read the second book and hope for the best.

The characters were fabulous! I absolutely loved the fiery Faith and her dedication to her friend Elizabeth and her sharp tongue that keeps those around her in line when they need it the most. The rebellious Charles is another terrific addition to the story, fighting to forget a past that has haunted him for years. And let's not forget the compassionate Emily/Elizabeth who's job it is to help her friends find their happiness and faith in life once again, supporting them and standing beside them as they make their difficult journeys and decisions. She is the epitome of a strong heroine.

The second issue was the romance between Emily/Elizabeth and Jason. I'm sorry, but I just didn't feel the passion at all. To me it more or less felt like Jason was desperate and E/E just went for it because she felt obligated. It is very crucial that this romance be believable because the whole story is basically based around this romance. The whole title Until Next Time is based around this endless love that is supposed to endure time and multiple lives. But I just didn't feel it.

Characters, and romances between characters, can be very difficult to portray. I am hoping that in the next book the author's writing matures even more and she is able to accomplish more with the intended romance. I can tell she has the talent to do so. I look forward to reading the next section of the story and proving myself right.

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