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Two Moons of Sera (Vol. 1) - Pavarti K. Tyler When I first received the email from Pavarti about possibly being part of her blog tour for the first section of Two Moons of Sera, I have to admit I was hesitant. I haven't had a lot of good luck with the the self-published, e-book only types of review requests. I often end up marking them as DNF (did not finish). But after seeing how short the story was I agreed to at least give it a chance. I am really glad I did.

Ms. Pavarti has such a wonderful lyrical flow to her writing you couldn't stop yourself from reading it even if you wanted to. The opening was so intriguing I just had to find out what was going on!

"Nilafay ran, slipping on the unfamiliar terrain, desperate to reach water. The rocks dug into the thin flesh of her webbed feet, cutting her skin. This place was so foreign despite being only miles from her home. Never had she seen the sun so bright or felt the moisture evaporate directly off her skin; she was sure she would die from the cruelty of the atmosphere."

It was so beautiful! The book whipped by so fast and effortlessly that I was saddened when I was already at the end. (And what a horrible place to leave me stranded Ms. Pavarti!) The characters were so interesting and unique, they completely made the story. Nilafay, the mixed-race Erdlander (human) - Sualwet (mermaid) and Tor, the simple-minded hermit Erdlander (I think) make such an interesting connection you can't tear your eyes away. Their interactions are so simple, yet speak such volumes. The whole world around them seems so exciting and new, you can't help but feel surrounded as you read about it.

My only complaints about the book were:
(1) It was too damn short. I want more now!
(2) I would like to know more about this "war" that is going on that Nilafay's mother makes reference too. It seems like it was spoken of often, but not explained. I hope there is more about it in future serial offerings.

I will be waiting anxiously for the next section...

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